Design is defined by Turkish Linguistic Society’s dictionary as the planning of the machinery, equipment and environment required for manufacturing of a product or improving appearance, value or function of a product in order to meet a certain requirement.

The most prominent characteristic of today’s world is that it is based on communication. This concept includes many sub-concepts from design to production. Besides, communication itself is a result of developing technologies. Technology positively affects the design world. From this perspective, we can see how design effectively participates in the everyday life. In this sense, the design of spaces where the life is experienced is essential.

At this point, I’d like to briefly mention our company’s view on this topic. Quality is our main value… Design quality is a never-ending pursuit for us. Our design journey begins with the questions such as what is needed and how can we make life easier. We experience this process as a team.

My duty is to be a part of the process from design to manufacturing, from supply to installation and control as the head of the team. I have been performing this duty since 2008.

In line with our company’s principles, we work on turnkey projects by not making quality a coincidence but achieving quality as a result of a conscious planning process.

We completed many projects in more than 25 countries until today and made interior designs reflecting the cultural aspects of people from many different nationalities living in these countries. In the meantime, we had the chance to observe and learn their taste in design.

Our team is built dynamically. We work in harmony with architects, engineers, technicians and consultants. With an international perspective to achieve a better, more functional and high quality results, we pay attention to the cultures, design and material preferences of the target countries as well as their quality standards and norms, improving ourselves continuously.

Our knowledge and sense of quality allow us to transform drawings into real-life products in a producible and feasible manner as part of our turnkey contracting projects. This characteristic gives us another added value in terms of cooperating with architecture and project offices and reducing labor of our customers. 

Pace of our daily lives and increasing demand on quality forces us to improve our product range and production capacity with a goal of assisting our customers under a single roof within the scope of hotel, residence and commercial building projects. 

As we have the means and capacity to manufacture fixed and moving furniture, woodwork, aluminum joinery and facade systems by processing wood and metal in our facilities, we are able to offer a multi-dimensional service to our customers by taking the necessary steps forward in terms of the project at hand. 

We are dedicated to continue our work without compromising our quality, work ethic and our understanding of the value of time both in design and manufacturing processes.