We took the first step to the wood industry by importing logs to Turkey after oak trees were thrown down as a result of a storm in Germany in the early 1990s.

Starting with log import, we have supplied raw materials to the domestic manufacturers by importing both hard and soft wood from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, United States and Africa.

The experience we collected over the years of trading lumber and logs allowed us to invest in our wooden furniture manufacturing facility in 1998.

As wood is a natural and living material, we kept building up our team with specialist architects, engineers and carpenters in order to ensure that the products we design and manufacture are strong and usable for many years to come.

We invested in new machinery in our production line as a result of the ever-changing and updated technology and began mass manufacturing of wooden products of higher quality such as doors, kitchen furniture, cabinets, woodwork etc.

Today we have the technical capacity to process wood, metal and fabric together in our facility.

Our first ever project in 1998 was the Cinci Han project in Safranbolu. We successfully completed wood and masonry restoration works of Cinci Han.

Then, in addition to our restoration projects, we focused on turnkey hotels, villas, residences, commercial and religious buildings.


We went to Cyprus for our first foreign implementation project in 2002.

We offered turnkey solutions in Libya during Gaddafi era in 2009 and opened our office and store established on a 1200 m2 area in 2012.

Today, despite all the political and military challenges, we continue providing services in the eastern and western Libya with our team of Turkish citizens and other nationals.

We were awarded our first West Africa project in Senegal in 2015 and opened our office in Dakar in 2017. We are able to access West Africa projects through our Dakar office and continue our marketing efforts.

We are currently exporting our products and services to twenty nine different countries from Germany to Russia, from Kuwait to Libya, from Algeria to Senegal and Gabon as of 2019.

Despite all challenges and unfortunate events in the Middle East and North Africa since 2011 due to geopolitical position of our country in addition to our industry’s own challenges, we maintain our strong financial standing and new projects we work on and design by taking firm steps forward with our business partners and customers.

We keep entering new markets and producing quality despite the narrowing global economy, through our sense of quality and business model.