Wood Engineering & Consultancy

The momentum of the construction industry in the last twenty years forced the building materials to catch up and caused emergence of new industrial building materials, leaving traditional building materials behind. Unfortunately, natural wood materials failed to demonstrate the same performance against the industrial materials in this process.

Until twenty years ago, projects had used solid wood windows, solid wood doors, solid wood kitchens, wooden facades and wooden cabinets etc. However, today it is almost impossible to find any companies or carpenters that have the sufficient knowledge, experience and reflexes required to create these products or process wooden raw materials.

Based on the natural wooden materials, we continue our works with the same respect and attention with the understanding of the importance of filling the void in this industry and sustainability of machined solid wood manufacturing process.

We have consultant forestry professors, architects, engineers and carpenters who know the types of solid wood and their respective fields of use in our team. We give our new generation team members trainings regularly and try our best to pass this important heritage down to the next generations.

We keep up with the latest industrial and technological innovations that will increase the resistance of wood to water, humidity, sun, flammability, infestation and other similar factors and allow us to compete with other products in terms of prices. In line with wood, we keep our knowledge up to date through engineering work in order to ensure that all accessories and auxiliary equipment operate in concordance with the wood without any problems.

We offer the highest quality consultancy and engineering services through our experienced team for solid wood doors, solid wood kitchen, solid wood furniture etc. used in interior spaces as well as outdoor furniture and solid wood facade products and practices.