After site estimate, architectural design, engineering, supply and manufacturing services are completed, our installation team delivers the project completely and in time by means of our database containing all the data collected during the course of the project.

Our Istanbul office discusses the manufacturing and installation drawings before installation process begins with the installation team, in order to further increase the quality of installation.

In order to ensure that the mechanical, electrical and architectural scope installations are carried out smoothly and harmoniously, we prepare a detailed business plan and ensure our teams to work in coordination and effectively at the project site.

In case the employer has other subcontractors or teams within the scope of the project, we provide project management services to our customers in order to be able to work collectively.

Especially in international projects, we can provide turnkey services to our customers thanks to our experience and ability to be mobilized. We have been carrying our international experience forward with the installation services we offer within the scope of many different projects in Russia, Germany, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Algeria, Senegal, Gabon and others.