AVCI GLOBAL İnşaat Mühendislik ve Ticaret Ltd. has been founded in 1990 as a family business in the field of design, engineering, construction and contracting both domestically and internationally.

As AVCI GLOBAL, we have managed to realize many multi-purpose projects such as industrial facilities, five-star hotels, luxury residences, shopping malls and entertainment centers, gymnasiums, cultural and educational facilities, congress and conference halls within their predetermined budgets and terms.

As AVCI GLOBAL, we have met the expectations of our customers in Libya, Senegal, Mali, Gabon, Algeria, Nigeria, Iraq, Kuwait and Russia within predetermined budgets and terms of each project and we continue our work by constantly improving our existence and recognition in these countries.


Eurasia Training is one of our companies that provide both theoretical and practical training services on electricity, mechanics, management and other fields by qualified engineers, technicians and specialists working in the field of petroleum, gas and petrochemistry.