Salih AVCI
Salih AVCI Founder

The role of investment and production in our country, which moves towards becoming one of the numbered economies of the world with its economic growth, cannot be denied. The main goal is achieving a sustainable growth.

Therefore, we follow a steady and consistent growth line. This approach stems from our sensitivity in terms of customer satisfaction and timing. We are able to move towards our goals at a great pace as we marry correct timing, correct production and correct services with technology and innovation.

The year 1991, when we first laid the foundations of our company, and before are very important in terms of our company history. Working culture, discipline, corporate mentality and especially work ethic that I have acquired while working in Europe before 91 were a great opportunity for me to improve and expand my vision. Collectively, these concepts give rise to quality. Our company’s passion for quality has emerged in this way.

Importing logs after trees were thrown as a result of a storm in 1991 in Germany was the beginning of our business. We have founded our company in Turkey in 1992 and started importing logs and lumber. We have expended this business by importing logs and lumber from Russia, Ukraine, United States and Africa. After the April 1994 crisis in Turkey, we had to utilize our large stock; so we started manufacturing wooden furniture, which became the first step of our current business.

We started developing business for interior design and contracting along with manufacturing furniture and kept going by taking firm steps forward in a planned manner. Displaying our quality was only possible through engineering and artistry. So, we interpreted this by combining hand crafting and machinery work and created an innovative business model to provide services to our customers under a single roof.

Today, we realize many projects such as 5-star hotels, holiday resorts, luxury villas and residences, shopping malls, congress halls and cultural centers. We have reached the highest quality of services to offer to our customers by designing and implementing interiors of these projects with our experienced architects and engineers, technicians and consultants.

I would like to emphasize again that our main idea is not to undertake more work but to raise the bar of quality each time. It is to focus on providing higher quality products and services rather than completing large scale projects. Our business character is timing, quality and sticking to the budget. Our purpose is to leave our mark. We know that produced quality leaves a mark and that mark is followed for many years.

I have no doubt that second generation representatives of this company that I have founded will not compromise from our corporal values and keep offering services to its customers with the same seriousness and sincerity with the goal of achieving perfection in each project, big or small.