Majority of the products within the scope of the producible and feasible designs of our experienced team at our Istanbul headquarters can be manufactured in our facilities. Fixed and moving wooden furniture, upholstery, aluminum and other metal works (brass, stainless steel etc.) …

Our difference from many other architectural offices is the ability to create practical and ergonomic designs that can be manufactured based on our experience and data collected during the process of design and manufacturing drawings in addition to the manufacturing and installation experience we have gathered over the years.

We manufacture the following at our facilities:

  • Wooden Doors
  • Kitchens
  • Walk-in Closets and Wardrobes
  • Moving Furniture
  • Woodwork and Facade Systems
  • Aluminum Joinery and Facade Systems
  • Wooden Indoor and Outdoor Wall Coverings
  • Wooden and Metal Construction Stairs
  • Paneling, Flooring, Baseboards, Molding
  • Metalwork (Brass, Stainless Steel)
  • Wood and Metal Painting Works
  • Upholstery