Site Estimate and Survey List

The first and most important stage of the project is to make a site estimate within the scope we determine with the customer. Although most of our customers give us existing drawings or site plans prepared by previous architects or other companies, we are aware from our experiences of the fact that manufacturing and implementation we will make solely based on these drawings will cause major mistakes and bring additional cost to the project. For this reason, we offer site estimate services on-site for villa, hotel and commercial building projects both domestically and internationally by our architects and technicians.

First, important data that may affect the design must be collected through a correct site estimate. These data are: climate properties of the project location – factors such as temperature, humidity, rain and sand storms etc., project site’s relationship with its surroundings, forests, buildings etc., and direction of the project facades in relation to the sun and wind.

We can prevent many unforeseen mistakes with an error-free site estimate and survey list and provide the customer with consistent reports regarding their project.