Security Doors

As a main entry door is the first sign of the character and boundaries of a house, we try to create distinguished main entry doors that have not only appealing designs but also high-end security features.

We design internal construction of our customized and project-based security doors with the most advanced security and lock systems. We build maximum security solid doors equipped with 3 mm to 10 mm steel sheets for the inner construction of the door leaves.

We offer alternative material solutions in order to minimize the wear and tear as well as any deformation which may be caused by any climate or environmental factors such as sun, rain, snow or sand storms on the exposed surface of our security doors. In addition, we consider internal architecture of the house as well as materials and finishes of other interior doors when designing the inner surface of security doors.

We engineer custom security doors according to desired widths and heights and ensure that the doors work smoothly, considering the weight and working system of the doors.

In addition to the custom door surface designs, we further customize the doors by using custom stainless steel and brass door handles.