Wooden Shutter


We have partaken in numerous projects without compromising material or production quality. We are one of the leading companies in the industry that provides wooden shutter system designs, engineering, manufacturing and application services from a single point.

Wooden shutters protect the facade from weather events such as sun, rain and wind and add a natural look and esthetic to the building. They improve energy saving by allowing the interior spaces to be kept warm in winter and cool in summer.

We manufacture and install hinged, sliding and sliding-folding shutters according to widths and heights of windows.

We pay attention to manufacture and install shutters and their accessories that are exposed to weather conditions in accordance with correct specifications in order to ensure that our shutter systems can function smoothly for a very long time.

We choose the right wood species and apply the right quality outdoor paints for outdoor shutters in order to ensure that the shutters are resistant to weather conditions such as sun and rain and reduce maintenance frequency.

We work with wood species that are resistant to weather conditions such as Thermowood Pine, Thermowood Ash, Iroko and Teak. We support engineering and design works by sharing our knowledge and experiences on the right materials and application details with the architects and project teams.